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Pest eradication by Cumbria's local experts

At Cumbria Pest Services, we offer hygiene and sanitary solutions for commercial premises across Cumbria.
Washroom services

Washroom services and waste disposal

Equip your commercial washrooms, restrooms and urinals with professional washroom supplies. From waste bins to automatic odour control and sanitisation systems, we have got it all covered.

We are also registered carriers of controlled waste. To place your orders or for waste disposal services, contact Cumbria Pest Services in Cockermouth. We also provide pest control and prevention services.
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Quality washroom supplies

  • Pedal-operated hygiene or sanitary waste bins by San I Ped - attractive slim-line bins that fit comfortably into most washrooms
  • High-capacity, touch-free nappy bins for disposal of bulk waste - 50 to 60 litre capacity, standard worktop height and easy-to-clean surface
  • Battery-operated aerosol system for automatic odour control - capacity of 3000 metered sprays with each refill, the spray interval can be programmed for 24-hour operation
  • Automatic sanitiser dispenser for toilets and urinals - descales and prevents unsightly stains and build-ups by reducing uric salt and limescale, thus, removing bacteria and eliminating the breeding ground of odour causing problems
Pest control services
Quality washroom supplies
Cumbria Pest Services offers professional washroom supplies for commercial premises. To place an order, call01900 824 783 or 07725 235 818

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