Pest Prevention

Pest prevention

Pest prevention across Cumbria

Stay safe with preventive pest control services! Contact Cumbria Pest Services for pest prevention solutions for homes and commercial buildings across Cumbria.
harmful pests

Protect your family and home from harmful pests

Pests such as insects and rodents are not only harmful but may also spread infections and diseases. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by keeping the pests out of your home. Get in touch with Cumbria Pest Services for quality pest prevention services. You can also contact us for pest control and woodworm treatments.

We also undertake food hygiene and health and safety training.
Woodworm treatments

Insect and fly control solutions

  • The various insect and fly control services include:
  • Fly screens and curtains for doors and windows
  • Electronic fly killers - different designs available for factories, restaurants and workplaces
  • Sentinel bins, fumigation and other pest prevention solutions
We provide services for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Contact our team for a free quote.
Washroom supply and services
fly control solutions
Get fly screens, electronic fly killers and other pest prevention solutions in Cumbria. For details, call01900 824 783 or 07725 235 818

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